Benefits of Banana Chips :

Banana chips -- made by deep-frying or drying slices of ripe bananas -- make for a convenient snack. Like whole bananas, banana chips contain many essential nutrients that nourish your body and benefit your health. However, you should consume banana chips in moderation, because they also have some health disadvantages.

health benefits of bananas and a spicy lime banana chip recipe :

Bananas have healing properties and promote fat loss. More reasons why you should include this versatile fruit in your diet and a healthier chip recipe .

Five reasons to go bananas for bananas!

1. Bananas can lower the risk of heart disease :
The combination of potassium and resistant starch (aka indigestible fibre) in bananas make them excellent for blood pressure and blood sugar control – two factors in heart disease and other metabolic disorders. Numerous studies have shown that consumption of resistant starch can also increase satiety, reduce inflammation, and improve insulin sensitivity. One semi-ripe banana provides close to five grams of resistant starch.

2. Bananas are high in vitamin B6:
Vitamin B6 has been studied extensively for its role in reducing PMS and pregnancy-related hyperemesis (aka morning sickness). Two bananas make up half your daily requirement for vitamin B6 during pregnancy.

3. Bananas may reduce the risk of certain cancers:
A prebiotic called FOS (fructooligosaccharide) in bananas nourishes the healthy bacteria in the colon, encouraging proper elimination. Good gut transit time also lowers the risk of colon and renal cancers. Firmer bananas tend to alleviate constipation while the softer, riper fruit can slow diarrhea.

4. Bananas can soothe ulcer pain:
Bananas stimulate the production of a mucus barrier that protects against acid erosion and bacterial pathogens. Studies suggest that this could be one of the reasons why bananas are an age-old remedy for peptic ulcers caused by the bad bacterium, h. pylori. 

5. Red bananas fight age-related macular degeneration:
While we are accustomed to thinking of sweet bananas as having yellow skins, you can also find them in red, pink, purple and black skins. Red and orange bananas, and other varieties with darker peels, have a higher carotenoid content that gets converted into vitamin A in the body. The combination of vitamin C and carotenoids in coloured bananas have been shown to protect eyesight .

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